When you decide to sell your home, you need a knowledgeable consultant first, and a sales agent second. You need someone who is educated, pays attention to detail and understands all facets of the real estate sale/purchase transaction; you need a polished professional with superior negotiating skills. Who could be more suitable for this position than a Broker, who also happens to be an Attorney and an experienced real estate investor all rolled into one. When it comes to selecting your Listing Broker, J.G. Winter is the ideal candidate and possesses all the tools and training necessary to get the job done, while ensuring you get the highest sales price possible for your home.

Here are just some of the things you get when you list your home with J.G. Winter Realty:

1. Pictures of your home shot by a professional photographer and uploaded to over 20 different internet sites for maximum exposure.

2. Your home featured with priority exposure on–one of the most visited real estate websites in the world by prospective Buyers–as offered to J.G. Winter for being one of Zillow’s Premiere Agents.

3. A $50k Seller’s insurance policy as offered through J.G. Winter’s E & O policy, when a home warranty is purchased in the transaction. (See J.G. for details).

4. Design consulting offered by J.G. and if applicable his team of consultants, contractors, and other professionals to help ensure your home sells quick and at the highest possible price.

5. A unique website built exclusively for your home and sent to all the major search engines (additional fees may apply).

6. Your home featured in one of the area’s top real estate magazines (additional fees may apply).

7. A highly knowledgeable consultant and shrewd negotiator in your corner to help ensure the transaction goes smooth and in your favor.

When you list with J.G. Winter, his initial focus will be on coming up with the right list price. Setting the price too high can cause your property to sit on the market too long, and become stale. A stale home sends a message to Buyers and their agents to bring buyer friendly offers, which is the last thing a Seller wants. J.G. will help you understand the appropriate price for your home so as to reduce the chance that your home will become “market stale”.

Next up in priority is helping to get your home “sale ready”. As an experienced real estate investor, J.G. knows how to get the most value out of a property. J.G. can save you time and money by helping you avoid many home improvement pitfalls. Often times there are budget friendly ways to make your home stand out, sell quick, and achieve the highest price possible. If necessary, J.G. has a network of professionals including design consultants, contractors, handy-men, home inspectors and the like who can help you with any improvements you may wish to perform.

Once your property is priced right, and hits the market “sale ready”, J.G. will help you evaluate offers as they come in so you can select the highest and best offer. J.G.’s legal training has equipped him with shrewd negotiating skills to get the job done, and on terms most favorable to you. He knows when to push and when to ease up to help ensure a successful transaction, skills he’s developed over many years spent representing Clients in various legal matters.

So if you are looking to sell your home, and you want more than just a sales agent, choose J.G. Winter Realty and put J.G.’s knowledge and experience to work for you.