Let’s be honest, gone are the days of needing a real estate agent to help you locate and identify properties that meet your fancy. Barring a few rare exceptions, and thanks to the Internet and advanced technology, in today’s day in age it’s the Buyer who usually calls his Agent and says: “Hey I found this great property on the Internet, can we make an appointment to go see it?”

Without question, the role of a Buyer’s agent has changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. However, where Buyer’s agents can still add a tremendous amount of value is with their knowledge and understanding of the offer and escrow process. Having the right Buyer’s agent can literally mean the difference between your offer getting accepted or rejected.

Welcome to J.G. Winter Realty, a boutique real estate brokerage, with a consultative approach to real estate sales/purchases. J.G. uses his background and experience as a Broker, Attorney, real estate investor, and mortgage officer to equip his Buyers with a complete understanding of the Buying process–from A-Z. There are few Brokers in the area who possess an understanding as comprehensively as J.G. in regards to the residential real estate transaction.

As your Agent, J.G. will skillfully negotiate your offer and aggressively advocate on your behalf to help ensure your offer gets accepted and on terms most favorable to you. His understanding of contracts and various disclosure laws is a great asset to his Buyer and Seller clients alike.

​So whether you’re ready to buy next week, or next year, put J.G. Winter’s knowledge and skills to work for you. After all, in today’s day and age you don’t need a property locator, you need an experienced and skilled consultant.